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I am a criminal barrister and the Director of The Schools Consent Project, North West. I previously worked as a human rights lawyer in the Middle East and Afghanistan for 6 years and as a US corporate lawyer for a year. I have a PhD in literature (which looked at the autobiographies written by suffragettes). I taught literature in San Diego after I finished the PhD and before I went to law school in the US. I also drove buses part time for 10 years.

Alaa Al Aswany: Egyptian citizens must take their fate into their own hands

I’m pleased to see that Alaa Al Aswany, the author of the iconic The Yacoubian Building, is blogging for World Affairs Journal. He has only written two articles so far: here and here. They are insightful calls for action, urging … Continue reading

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Force Feeding of Girls in Mauritania

I am horrified to learn that girls are force-fed in Mauritania because “fat is beautiful.” Girls are locked away and forced to eat up to 16,000 calories a day. They are literally human foie gras. There are a number of … Continue reading

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Daily Sexual Harassment in the Streets of Cairo

I have just moved back to Cairo and I am finding it hard to adjust back to the constant sexual harassment on the streets. I have been here for a month now and have been spat at 3 times (once … Continue reading

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UNDP Report: Egypt Excluding Youth from Political Participation

The new UNDP report on youth in Egypt is described here, in an article pointing out that “the Egyptian government is at a crossroads: either it can include its youth in the political and economic system and advance, or stay … Continue reading

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Really? Egypt’s Not so Hot on Gender Equality??

A recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center and written up in The New York Times emphasises the virulent sexism in Egyptian society (something women walking in the streets of Cairo have to experience and battle every single day). … Continue reading

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Egypt’s Unchallenged Dictatorship

It is dismaying that so little international pressure is being exerted on President Mubarak to hold free and fair elections as Egypt heads into a year of important votes. Parliamentary elections will be held in the autumn of 2010 and … Continue reading

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Some Questionable Comments on Women’s Rights from Recent African Commission Meetings

I have heard some memorable comments during both the Ordinary Session of the African Commission in Banjul a few weeks ago, and during the African Training in Senegal this week. Here are some of my favourites: State Representative from Swaziland … Continue reading

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