Force Feeding of Girls in Mauritania

I am horrified to learn that girls are force-fed in Mauritania because “fat is beautiful.” Girls are locked away and forced to eat up to 16,000 calories a day. They are literally human foie gras. There are a number of articles on this topic, such as one by the Guardian (here) or Child Rights Information Network (here) or Marie Claire (here).

It is horrifying what women are forced to endure in order to conform to societal expectations of beauty. I clicked on the initial story with a headline about “big is beautiful in Mauritania” because I thought it would be an uplifting story celebrating the beauty of women’s curves (in good contrast to the promotion of skeletal female bodies in the US and UK etc). No such luck!


About Dr Rebecca Wright

I am a criminal barrister and the Director of The Schools Consent Project, North West. I previously worked as a human rights lawyer in the Middle East and Afghanistan for 6 years and as a US corporate lawyer for a year. I have a PhD in literature (which looked at the autobiographies written by suffragettes). I taught literature in San Diego after I finished the PhD and before I went to law school in the US. I also drove buses part time for 10 years.
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